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Boston • The Design Lab

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55 Fairmount Ave Hyde Park, Ma 02136


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An immersive self guided paint night experience


Self paced

Only $5

on Tues & thurs

Leave the mess to us!

A splash, splatter & paint party

Returning Soon

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Step -by - step

workshops varying in length and style

Lead workshops


How to book:

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Use of this gift card can be redeemed only at Canvas Studio | The Design Lab. This card cannot be exchanged for cash, check or credit. Please treat this card like cash; if this card is lost or stolen it will not be replaced. Redeemable only for goods and services not exceeding the remaining credit balance on this card. Canvas Studio is not responsible for lost, stolen or unauthorized use of e-gift cards.

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  1. Click the tickets
  2. Choose your ticket type & quantity
  3. Add your customer details
  4. Select an available date from the calendar
  5. Choose your time
  6. Add your billing info & submit payment

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purple Package

purple Package

Teal package


3 hrs & 15 painters

  • one 11x14 canvas / painter
  • Stenciled or instructed activity
  • Open bar included for guests 21+

  • $75/ additional painter

(20 painters max)

Available 7 days A WEEK

Available Sunday - Thursday Anytime +

Fridays & Saturdays last slot 5pm


2.5 hrs & 12 painters

  • one 11x14 canvas / painter
  • Stenciled or instructed activity
  • Cash Bar available to guests 21+

  • $55/ additional painter

(20 painters max)

pink package

pink package

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We are approved vendors for

The City of Boston, BEDF, TAP & The City of Medford!


& private


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all packages include karaoke, bluetooth sound system & wifi

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2 hrs & 10 painters

  • Stenciled or instructed activity
  • 2 canvases per painter

(11x14 & 8x10)

  • $45/ additional painter (16 max)

Available Sunday - Thursday Anytime +

Fridays & Saturdays last slot 5pm


1.5 hrs & 6 painters

  • Stenciled or instructed activity
  • 1 canvases per painter


  • $35/ additional painter (10 max)

Available Sunday - Thursday Anytime +

Fridays & Saturdays last slot 5pm

Gold Package


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level up any package with

Face painting & Balloon Twisting

by Beantown Balloon Guy!

Price List:

•1 hour of service: $175*

•2 hours of service: $275*

*Please Note: Service durations are a minimum of 1 hour each

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Daphne, like many of us experienced the impact of isolation and burnout due to COVID. She went on to manifest those experiences into an opportunity to redefine her narrative & fearlessly embarked on an extraordinary path that led her to redefine what we used to know about paint night. Because of her vision, The City of Boston now has innovative creative fusion experiences in a immersive creative space.

We now have Canvas Studio.

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The Founder

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Meet Daphne W., ECMH-E®️, the innovator, visionary & creative entrepreneur who reimagining possibilities. Daphne's journey began as an early childhood mental health specialist —with an unwavering commitment to children & families.

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Photo credit: Micheal Meija, City of Boston

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the studio

Established in 2022.

Canvas Studio Boston began as a concept with a foremost mission to balance community impact and diversifying the local nightlife economy. Today, we maintain our commitment to accessibility, innovation, and diversifed nightlife options through curated creative fusion experiences.

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Canvas Studio Boston is a first of it’s kind creative fusion space that combines creativity, innovation, and community impact in ways that goes beyond what you may find at a traditional art studios or sip & paint space. Paving way for unparalleled opportunities for creative experiences, at Canvas Studio Boston you’ll find an innovative fusion of Art, Culture & STEM, Personalized and Interactive Experiences, Social Connection and Collaboration, Aesthetic and Atmosphere, Diverse Workshop Offerings & all with a community impact lens. Our essence is what sets us apart & makes Canvas Studio Boston a top go-to destination for those seeking unique & entertaining creative experiences. As a dynamic creative hub that resonates with urban flair, trendsetting allure, and an unmistakable touch of provocative artistry, Canvas Studio Boston provides an experience that transcends expectations and infuses newness & authenticity into every experience

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At Canvas Studio Boston, we embrace and celebrate the kaleidoscope of human experiences. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just words to us – they're the vibrant palette that colors every stroke of our journey. We stand committed to providing a space where every voice is heard, every story is valued, and every creative is empowered.

Our DEI Commitment

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Our commitment to DEI is woven into the very fabric of our studio, ensuring that every shade of identity and every hue of background is not only acknowledged but celebrated. Join us in creating art that reflects the rich tapestry of life, where differences are our greatest strengths and unity is our masterpiece.

Community Impact Statement

At the heart of our mission lies a profound commitment to fostering positive change within our community. We're not just an art studio; we're a catalyst for transformation. Through creative innovation, cultural exploration, and collaborative connections, we cultivate an environment where everyone can thrive. We prioritize accessibility, ensuring that the joy of artistic expression is accessible to all, regardless of background or circumstances.

But our dedication goes even further. We understand the invaluable importance of family bonds and the development of the parent-child relationship. We've created a space where families can come together, create memories, and strengthen their connection's. Whether creating side by side, collaborating on a project it is out goal to be intentionally about maximizing the inherent therapeutic qualities and joy of creating, we are here to support and enhance those experience.

Through partnership with local organizations, and hosting accessible & diverse events, we're shaping an inclusive and vibrant ecosystem. Our impact ripples beyond our studio walls, empowering individuals and families to forge meaningful relationships, ignite personal growth, and contribute to a more vibrant, more united, more creative and more culturally enriched community.

Connector Care, WIC & DTA Cards

Enjoy $5 til 5pm


Cards to Culture

We are proud to participate in the Card to Culture program, a collaboration between Mass Cultural Council and the Department of Transitional Assistance, the Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Nutrition Program, and the Massachusetts Health Connector, by breaking down the financial barriers to cultural programming.

EBT, WIC and ConnectorCare cardholders can join our monthly paint workshops free of charge by registering in advance at Cardholders may register for free for our monthly paint workshops by calling us at 857-203-0143 or emailing us at to reserve tickets. Please note that reservations based on availability. See the complete list of participating organizations offering EBT, WIC, and ConnectorCare discounts




impact - Partners

Boston Athletic

Academy &

The Catholic Parishes of

The Blue Hills

  • The City of Boston
  • Arts in Boston
  • Hyde Park Main Streets
  • Boston Police Dept

The F.a.q.’s


Policies &


• All Payments are non-refundable.

• Patrons must submit via email ( a request for a voucher no less than 48hrs prior to the start time of the Event. Please forward your original proof of purchase. Screenshots of receipts will not be accepted.

• We will not issue vouchers or refunds to patrons who request to reschedule after the 48hr period expires. No exceptions.

Vouchers are valid for one calendar year from issuance.

• Vouchers will not be reissued once used.

• FOR THE PURCHASE & CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL- Proper & Valid state issued ID is required to purchase & consume alcohol. We cannot except expired, photographed or paper copies of identification.

Please note that only guests 21+ are permitted to consume alcohol on the premises. No Exceptions.


• All Payments are non-refundable.

• All monies paid retain their value and can be used within one calendar year from the original party date.

• A 50% Deposit is required to retain the time and date of your event.

•The Remaining balance is due 14 days prior to your event.

• Invoices auto cancel if initial deposit is not received within 72 hours of issuance.

• Please be mindful of the Maximum capacity load detailed in your rental agreement & usage contract. Exceeding capacity will result in the immediate ending of your event.

• FOR THE PURCHASE & CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL - Proper & Valid state issued ID is required to purchase & consume alcohol. We cannot except expired, photographed or paper copies of identification.

• Please note that only guests 21+ are permitted to consume alcohol on the premises. No Exceptions.

My guests & I arrived later than expected for a private booking. Can we extend the hours to make up for the time we missed?

Unfortunately, we are unable to extend time given the scheduling parameters in the studio. You can preplan to extend your party time by inquiring about purchasing additional hours when you submit your inquiry.

Can I reserve a date with less than a 50% Deposit?

We will not accept initial deposit that are less 50% of your total.

• Can I pay my remaining balance on arrival?

We will not accept final payments on arrival. All balances must be settled in advance of your party set up.

• Can I bring food & non alcoholic beverages?

Food & non alcoholic beverages are welcomed unless it is otherwise noted during your pre-booking screener. We ask that you limit your food options to appetizers or pizza. We can recommend a host of culturally diverse resturant for brunch, lunch or dinner style seated meal.

• What’s included in my booking?

Your booking includes all of the detailed items noted in you selected package option, a private studio rental for the confirmed timeframe, music & art materials. We do not provide decor, tableware (cups, plates, spoons, knifes, candles etc.), food or beverages. Visit our neighboring convenience store to pick up any materials you may have forgotten.

• I paid for guests that cancelled last minute. Can I be refunded or credited for the empty seats?

Each private booking is tailored to the requests of the host. We began prep for your party once your initial deposit is made. Canvas Studio does not hold liability for guest that no show or arrive outside of the allocated painting window. If you are unsure about your headcount we encourage you to book the minimum & add guests as firm confirmation come in. We will not issue refunds or credits for guests that ultimately don’t attend your party.

I have a photograph of my ID in my phone. Can I purchase alcohol with this?

Proper & Valid state issued ID is required and must be presented in person on site to purchase & consume alcohol. We cannot except expired, photographed or paper copies of identification.

Can I bring my own alcoholic beverages ?

Canvas Studio is not a BYOB establishment. Patrons may not consume alcoholic beverages the studio.

Can I leave my minor child(ren) while I step out to grab a few things?

The team at Canvas Studio is not responsible for the oversight or supervision of minor children. Children may not be left unattended in the studio at any time. You are solely responsible for all guests.

My guests arrived earlier than my party start time. Can they come in?

We make every effort to allow early arrival access to the studio. However, we cannot gaurentee your party access to the studio in advance of your scheduled start time.

What’s the deal with parking?

There is lots of steeet & lot parking in the busy Logan Sq/ Cleary Sq business district. Please be mindful of hydrants, driveways, bus & fire lanes when parking. Street sígnate is clear & you will risk being ticketed & or towed if you make a parking violation. Please plan to Uber, carpool or ride the T if you are concerned about parking.

We appreciate your business & look forward to celebrating with you.

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(be sure to use to keep your password handy. I'll be packed with your QR code.)

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